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What is Christianity?
Christianity is about God reaching out his hand in friendship to mankind. Christians believe that the whole world and everything in it was created by God. God is a personal being, a living God who is three, yet one: Father, Son and Spirit, just as we human beings have body, mind and soul! (see the Trinity).

The Bible says God created people in his image, to love him. Yet every person has rebelled against God and sinned. Yet instead of turning his back on us, God became a man, Jesus, who most scholars believe was born about the year 4 BC and lived among us. He taught a message of love throughout Palestine but public opinion turned against him and he was executed as a young man.

He died because of us - the death that we should have died. He was crucified on a cross, but he rose from the dead, and now calls us to trust him, to love him and to repent of our rebellion. If we do this, then we our relationship with God becomes restored and we will live forever with God.

Many non-Christians may think that being a Christian is about belonging to a particular church or following a certain set of rule. Most Christians however would agree that at its root, being a Christian means to be in a living relationship with Jesus.

Who is God?


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Verse 42 of chapter 5 is a very basic part of building a local New Testament church. "And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ." This verse has been the backbone of Fundamental Baptist Church and its ministries since our beginning in 1981. The members of Fundamental Baptist Church--young and old alike--are daily witnessing to men, women, boys, and girls throughout Ventura and surrounding areas. There are very few houses in our area that have not, in some way, been reached by these ministries. We praise God for the many great Christians who, because of a burning desire to see the lost brought to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, are working within the framework of our ministries here.

In chapter 4 we see how the nation of Israel responded to the invitation given by Peter. Many of the common people believed and were saved, but the rulers had the apostles arrested! The Sadducees, of course, did not believe in the resurrection and were unhappy about Peter's message that Christ had been raised from the dead. The Pharisees hated Jesus because He had indicted them (Matthew 23) with so many sins. The persecution that Christ promised the apostles in John 15:18--16:4 was now taking place.

There are many lessons that can be learned from chapter 4: (1) People who resist the Spirit of God are inviting their own judgment; (2) The dedicated Christian need never fear the wrath of men. God has a perfect plan, and His name will be glorified through us if we are faithful; and (3) The Christian's first loyalty is to the Lord. Men have willingly given up their lives that you and I might be free to serve the Lord. Let us not take these privileges for granted and neglect or abuse them.

Satan is still attacking the believers in chapter 5, and as he does, he is using a dual program-- deception from within and persecution from without. Today, Satan is operating in much the same way. There is much criticism of the church from without, and from within we have those who are only professing Christians. They have really never received Christ as Saviour, and are causing turmoil. Satan is a liar and a murderer, and in chapter 5 we see him operating in both spheres. Today, he comes as a serpent or a lion to deceive and devour. We must be on our guard lest he destroy the work of the Lord.


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