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Leviticus is the third book of the Old Testament. In this book God shows the Israelites, whom he has rescued from Egypt, how they need to worship, serve, and obey a holy God - "You shall be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy" (Leviticus 19:2)

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Leviticus is traditionally attributed to Moses.


The book of Leviticus encourages sacrifices and holiness


Regulations regarding sacrifices

A. The burnt offering (1:1-17)

B. The cereal offering (2:1-16)

C. The peace offering (3:1-17)

D. The sin offering (4:1-5:13)

E. The guilt offering (5:14-19)

F. Conditions requiring atonement (6:1-7)

G. Burnt offerings (6:8-13)

H. Cereal offerings(6:14-23)

I. Sin offerings (6:24-30)

J. Rules for guilt offerings (7:1-10)

K. Rules for peace offerings (7:11-21)

L. Fat and blood forbidden (7:22-27)

M. Additional peace-offering regulations (7:28-38)

Consecration of priests

A. Preparation for anointing (8:1-5)

B. The ceremony itself (8:6-13)

C. Consecration offering (8:14-36)

D. Rules for offerings (9:1-7)

E. Aaron's sacrifices (9:8-24)

F. Nadab and Abihu (10:1-7)

G. Drunken priests prohibited (10:8-11)

H. Rules for eating consecrated food (10:12-20)

Clean and unclean differentiated

A. Clean and unclean species (11:1-47)

B. Purification following childbirth (12:1-8)

C. Regulations involving leprosy (13:1-14:57)

D. Purification following bodily secretions (15:1-33)

The Day of Atonement

A. Priestly preparation (16:1-4)

B. The two goats (16:5-10)

C. The sin offerings (16:11-22)

D. Rituals for cleansing (16:23-28)

E. Enactment of the Day of Atonement (16:29-34)

Ritual laws

A. Sacrificial blood (17:1-16)

B. Various laws and convenants (18:1-20:37)

C. Rules for priestly holiness (21:1-22:33)

D. Consecration of seasons (23:1-44)

E. Sacred objects: Sin and Blasphemy (24:1-23)

F. Sabbatical and jubilee years (25:1-55)

Concluding blessings and punishments

A. Blessings (26:1-13)

B. Curses (26:14-39)

C. The rewards of contrition (26:40-46)

Regulations concerning vows and offerings

A. People (27:1-8)

B. Animals (27:9-13)

C. Property (27:14-29)

D. Redemption of tithes (27:30-34)



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