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Science and Technology
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Christianity has heavily influenced the trajectory of science and technology at both the philosophical and practical levels. Modern science is only possible within a worldview that assumes a consistently structured universe. If the universe was chaotic or random there would be nothing for science to study: no predictability, no patterns about which to posit generalised laws, and no repeatability to give experiments any validity.

It was the Christian belief in a universe created by God that motivated many early scientists to investigate the detailed structured of the created order. Furthermore, the Biblical call to stewardship gives us the mandate not only to understand the universe God placed in our care, but also to work within that universe to forge a satisfying and meaningful life that reflects God's glory. For that reason, Christians in general rejoice in the discoveries of science and in the achievements of technology.

At the same time, however, there are significant caveats to the Christian support of science and technology, including concerns about the environmental damage caused by some technology, the ethics of some scientific experiments, the unwarranted level of faith many people have in human achievement, and a fundamental concern about anything that may side-track people from realising their dependence on God.


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