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CONTENTS (pronounced Christian Media dot see aye) was a community of Christians and an online database that provided the history of Canadian Christians working, volunteering and ministering in media in Canada. Members believed in Jesus Christ as the Messiah and Son of God. They were motivated to share the Good News of Jesus Christ through dance, drama, film, music, new media, performance, print, radio, television, visual art, web and writing. was founded on November 10, 2000 by a Canadian named David M.R.D. Spencer. The web site had 5,948 pages and 2,257,280 page views when it was closed down. Moves to WikiChristian

On December 20, 2008, David M.R.D. Spencer connected with the Founders of WikiChristian and offered to move the listings for 222 members of to WikiChristian. WikiChristian Founders Dr. Prab R Tumpati in Philadelphia, United States of America and Dr. Graham L Grove in Adelaide, Australia accepted David's offer and encouraged him to join the team of volunteer Administrators for WikiChristian.

You can now view the listings for 222 former members of plus new Canadian listings under the list called Media Workers in Canada here on WikiChristian.


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