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Carey Grant
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Carey B Grant is a Canadian Christian involved in music ministry in Canada.

Carey B. Grant is a Canadian Indi Singer/Songwriter. His music is poetic and well put together. Listeners will be encouraged, entertained and touched, through His music.

Carey has always wanted to Record a Record that would capture a live feel without compromising the message which is timeless. " I'm tired of striving to write a formulated genre of song; just so it can fit into the some current music mould." Just like the lyrics of The Song Reachin' 2nd verse " " Sick 'n' tired of tryin' to be Perfect ... This time I'm taken off My Mask ... Steppin' out a The Shame ... Gonna Dance 'n' Sing " It's a deeply personal thing to capture who I am as an artist in a natural way, at this point in My Life. It's about " faith, tryin' to enjoy the ride through life's struggles, day jobs, financial pressures, Why am I here, My Mom's passing after Her battle with cancer ' " with " The Main Thing " being " The Main Thing," Say's Carey. Producer David Rashed, suggested that Carey, go back to His musical roots & to freely play your guitar, without controling every sound. The Approach to this CD was to make it a liberating & fun experience as well as to keep things simple & true. This element of breathing space allowed dormant ideas to surface. The result was a spontaneous almost-live CD called, "Free To Fly". David's unobtrusive way in the studio was a great incubator for inspiration & emotion. Songs like: Can I Trust You, I Believe, Free To Fly, He's Comin' Back Now Jack, I Will Follow You, were borne almost live off the floor & were worked less than some of the other songs which were built off of favorite musical ideas. "Free to Fly" is a " Relevant " guitar driven CD, that captures the many of Carey's different writing styles & was Produced by David Rashed / P.E.I. of Canadian RockBand, Haywire. David Rashed co-writing & gtrs. & Tommy Detamore steel gtrs / Floresville Texas.


  • "I Will Follow You" / CD-Free To Fly -Video
  • "Shine" Single / produced by Roy Nichols Dreambuilder Studios

Television appearances:

together with "Danny Brooks & The Rockin Revalators" "The Crossroads Broken Heart Tour"

  • Radio Airplay: Cds & Videos / A Beggar Without His Bride / More of You and Less of Me / Free To Fly - have recieved Canadian Christian Radio Airplay & Videos: Viewed & listened too in:

Argentina / US / Asia / South America / Europe /


Carey B Grant: Videos & CD-Audio Samples & Purchases at Website:

Christian Testimony

Carey grew up listening to "Rock a Billy / Country Sounds" like: "Johnny Cash-I Walk the Line", "Hank Williams-I Saw The Light","Elvis",The Beatles "Kitty Wells-Honky Tonk Angels" He watched His Dad sing in Church & at traditional family gatherings everyone who could; took a turn performing their favorite song.

In 1977, Carey began gigging wk-ends in: School, Hotels, House Parties & Wedding Halls; covering 50's, Punk, British, Hard Rock, Country & Rock 'n' Blues Artists. After 10 years, He Acquired Some Live performance skills, ect which Landed " 3 " Big Breaks. The 1st break was an opening spot for an Obscure Texan Band / Barrymores, Ottawa, {Who was a Cross between Stevie Ray Vaughn & CCR & Who previously Toured with The Fabuous Thunderbirds} "Omar and The Howlers."

After Dropping out of School, He moved to Toronto, to pursue a Music Career where He frequented Clubs & wrote & recorded some original material on cassette. With no substantial leads & minimum wage jobs, He moved back home; discouraged. The 2nd was a Break Out of Denial. He had drifted into secularism & other philosophies that left His Heart hard, empty & synical. After Wrestling with Depression, Anxiety & the reality that He had crossed that line & had an alcohol dependancy.

He finally listened to His Mother; & several other people. Who prayed, He'd meet People who could mentor positive life changes.

( Alcoholicas Anonymus / 6 years attendance )

With His guitar, a suitcase & a Few more original Songs; He hiked west to Kingston.

The 3rd Big Break" happened in a Little country chapel; Spring, May 1990. While singin' Hymns to Jesus with a group of Christians.

He had sang Hymns before; but these people knew who they were Singin' To ___ With nothin' to lose He continued to hangout & a 1/2 hr. later,

He Found Himself surrounded with an Incredible Peace. This was where He came to know the Awesome Power of Jesus.

From Carey's 1st & 2nd CD _____ "A Beggar Without His Bride" & "More of You and Less of Me" to His

most recent release - 

"Free To Fly" which is a Live Raw Blues / Rock Record. Some songs auto-biografical; others co- written with David Rashed. Although life's has many weird & wonderful twists and turns; He knows The Lord's steady, unchanging power has Helped him to successfully begin to overide the Anguish & Lies of Addiction & because of that; a new sence of purpose & destiny has come into his life.

Christian Based Addiction Recovery Ministry / Link also on Carey's Youtube Channel Favorites Celebrate Recovery

Free To Fly's Raw Spontaneous Rock/Blues Stlye is a new intimate musical expression in Carey's career. His Hope is that through The Music / You will be Encouraged, Entertained & touched.

Media Career Tips

Carey B. Grant recommends that

I have learned that there will only be a few extra-ordinary friends throughout your life-time; that will stand by You, through it all. Through every circumstance; they understand and accept You as You are. One of those people is Jesus. Stay connected.


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I am very thankful for those pioneers of the kingdom of God, going all the way back to Abraham, who've braved the unknown and the scorn of others to press forward in their obediance to God's call and leading. We owe everything we are and everything we have to the SPIRITUAL AND NATURAL PIONEERS who've faced misunderstanding and death at almost every turn to pave the way for those of us in this day to settle and enjoy the blessings and benifits, both from spiritual and natural dimensions. There are many pioneers still moving forward into realms yet unreached for no other reason than they heard the voice of Abba call them, and they left all to pursue Him out of Love and simple obediance. This is a lonely, misunderstood and often dangerous place to be, fraught with spiritual, mental, emotional, financial and relational pressures and warfare that we may not be aware of. I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR THOSE PIONEERS THAT ANSWERED THE CALL OF GOD TO PRESS INTO THE UNKNOWN: YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE. Pioneers may have failings, but they are not failures. Ezekial 13:5 (NKJV) says, " You have not gone up into the gaps to build a wall for the house of Israel to stand in the battle on the day of the Lord." Pioneers who have pressed on past their own comfort to embrace the Cross of Christ within inorder to prepare a way, a place and a people for His presence and His purposes, are having to deal with a great sence of failure. A LOT OF THIS IS BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF RESPONCE FROM OTHERS TO THE HOLY SPIRIT'S MESSAGE and work through these pioneers. My word from The Lord, again, to those pioneers: YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE ! Pioneers may have failings , but if they have obeyed and endured, they are NOT failures. Pioneers make all the mistakes because they've gone into places no-one else has gone, except for The Lord himself. Pioneers are not promised that they will not make mistakes, but just like Moses, God Promises to be with them. " Pioneers are called by God to follow Him and if they make mistakes, they can recover, learn from them adjust and press on. As a pioneer, have You ever gone into A BOXED CANYON ? You might have thought, " WHAT HAVE I DONE ? How did I miss God ? If I were only more (fill in the blank), this would not have happened " YOU HAVE NOT FAILED. Repent for any self pity, come out of the boxed canyon and place a sign there that says, " Boxed Canyon ... don't go in there ! YOUR SEEMING FAILURE BECOMES A PATH THAT SUCCEEDING GENERATIONS AND FOLLOWERS WILL NOT HAVE TO TAKE. HAVING FAILINGS DOES NOT MAKE US A FAILURE. If we learn from them, it makes us wise, vunerable and ever more sensitive to the voice and leading of the Holy Spirit. Was Abraham a failure? Remember Elijah, My Children! Recently I was dealing with the very same question of appearing to be a failure because the success of the ministry seemed to be in great doubt. While out prayer walking and seeking the Lord, He asked Me a question: Was Abraham a failure ? Remember Elijah, Son! That's all He said to Me, but every failing I have experienced and every burden I'd been under was instantly lifted off of My heart. I've had many failings both personal and ministerial, but The Lord was letting Me know that I was not a failure in his eyes, because I kept moving forward in obediance to Him. Both Abraham and Elijah obeyed The Lord and launched out as pioneers into unexplored territory filled with incredible demonic activity. They simply obeyed in Love, not knowing what to expect but knowing who called them, and they were convinced He was faithful to keep them. Both men had personal struggles and failures. But in spite of their failings they were not a failure in God's sight. Both Abraham and Eiljah recieved God's stamp of approval for their obediance and faithfulness. Like Abraham, there are many daring to tread uncharted wilderness territory where no-body has gone before. HE HAD TO LEAVE THE FAMILIAR TO ENGAGE IN GOD'S PROMISES. He had to find the Fatherhood of God, and be trained in His ways, so He, in turn, could become The " Father of Many Nations." that the Lord had promised ( not to mention, The Salvation of The Whole Human Race through The Child of Promise JESUS CHRIST, who would come forth.) Abraham was not only being called to go to a land, Abba would eventually give to a covenant people, but to bring transformation to Human Fatherhood , by revealing His own Fatherhood, in type, through Abraham. Abrahm was a pioneer, not just of aland and a people, but bringing The Fatherhood of God back to The Human Race, so he could be known and experienced as Abba. Abraham had many failings but, He was not a failure ! To all those pioneers who have answered God's call to uncharted, spiritual or other territory: You may have failed in certain ways or in certain things, but " YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE !"


Worth Quoting from Carey B. Grant

Carey B. Grant made the following significant quotations:

  • "The Lord has Time for You; talk To Him and He will answer; even when We forget, He wont forget You!" -Carey Grant , date (Feb 10 2009)

He will take you as you are and gladly Love You He will listen to You Don't forget what you said to Him. He will answer, Yes, No or Wait. " Seek 1st The Kingdom of God & all The Rest will Come to You."

Accolades For Carey B. Grant

People are saying the following about the life and media ministry of Carey B. Grant.

  • "It was a pleasure hearing Carey sing during the April 12, 2004 Northern Praise Ministries meeting. Carey's heartfelt lyric writing and experienced musical presentation expresses his deep love for our Lord Jesus."
    -- David M.R.D. Spencer, Past Project Leader for - April 12, 2004

  • "Carey B. Grant is a GREAT man of God. I have prayed with him for over 15 years. I should know! Our beloved Lord works very powerfully through him!
    -- Fr. Michael Tapajna, Intern

  • "Carey is a Rockin' Blues Guy. He has gone through life changing experiences and come out onto the other side knowing the Holy Spirit's Power ! His music is poetic and well put together. You will be encouraged, entertained and touched through his music.
    -- Michelle Sim,Founder of Northern Praise Ministries, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

  • "Your sound reminds Me alot of Danny Brooks, its gutsy and from the Heart. It's real and tells it like it is." Teresa.

  • "Thank you for the Beautiful Music it has Blessed My Heart. May God continue to use You mightly.

We met at Faith Gospel Tabernacle. --Bernadine

  • "This is a great tune and even greater performance. What I can't beleive is that the 330 people before Me didn't rate this tune. This kind of Music performance is rarely attained and I'm thrilled to have witnessed it. WOW!" Canadian Blues Artist/Song-writer: Danny Brooks

... CD- Free To Fly ... Song ... I Believe

  • " Carey's music and Message struck a chord with quite a few people, again."

Thanks John Wedlake Sept / 09

  • " Hi Carey,

Glad to see You are pursuing your career; since in this time and era you are most likey to reach people through your music. I know, I have seen one of your concerts, where people couldn't move very well at the front and moved to back of the room so they could sway and dance more freely. That was amazing to Me since some of the people of all ages, were older. They wanted encores but it had to come to an end; so You see, You can stir up a crowd. So continue to do what The Lord has empowered You to do, Work with all wonderful instrumental gifts and knowledge to compose music. Praise The Lord with a New Song. " Marie Clair Sept/09 Charlottetown PEI

  • "Richard Lepage:Facebook:" hi carey, i just watch your video " i will follow you" and i give it two thumbs up !!! "

  • " James Megah: England:

Great well done, You are a Blessing !!! "



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