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Welcome to WikiChristian, an open content Christian encyclopedia, reference library and discussion forum for all Christians to share their faith. Started in January 2004, we are working on 4,153 articles. Learn about wikis and contribute and help in building the largest free Christian encyclopedia.

God and The essence of Christianity

Christianity is the world's most widely practiced religion and although it has many denominations and great diversity, all Christians are united in Christ. At the heart of Christianity is a loving creator God who is also our redeemer. Also see Coming to Christ and Important Christian doctrines and beliefs and Christian Calendar.

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The Bible

The Bible is a collection of documents compiled into one book almost 2,000 years ago. Although it was men who put pen to paper, the Bible itself tells us that it is God-breathed. It is the most widely read book in the world and has been translated into hundreds of languages. In English alone there are dozens of translations in common use, including the King James Version and The World English Bible.

Christian art, literature and music and Christian Classics

Throughout church history, people have devoted themselves to great works of literature and art for God. The Christian Classics library is a collection of public domain Christian writings, with works like The Confessions of St. Augustine, Pilgrim's Progress and In His Steps. Bible Dictionaries and commentaries such as Mathew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible are useful references to gain an overview of a topic. Help build a Bible Dictionary based on Easton's Bible Dictionary and contribute to our collection of Song information and lyrics. See also Christianity and the internet.

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Travel, mission and testimonies

Find a church (or add information about your church) in our Directory listing of churches around the world.

Travel stories to areas of historical significance in Christianity (or other Places) are welcome. Let the world know about the weird, interesting or inspiring places you've visited.

Mission and proclaiming Christ, whether in our own backyard or in a foreign land is something Christ calls us to do.

Current issues and News

Today, the Christian church faces many issues. There is a mass of people who have not heard the good news of Jesus. Christians around the world are involved in missionary work to bring men and women to Christ as commanded by Jesus in the Great Commission. At the same time, billions of people live in terrible poverty without clean water or the opportunity for good health. If we are to truly follow in the footsteps of Jesus, then these are issues that should be close to our heart too. See also Religion and politics and Apologetics

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Church history and denominations

There seems to be a bewildering array of denominations. Some of the larger ones include Roman Catholicism, the Greek and Russian Orthodox churches and the wide variety of Protestant churches. Since the church was formed, major events and conflict, often over matters of doctrine has resulted in significant rifts in the church.

Christian doctrine and debates

Various Creeds and catechisms have been written as statements of the beliefs of different Christians. Today there is still considerable differences in understanding on major themes in Christianity like Justification, salvation and grace. For indexes of all themes see Christian Topics and Sermons. See also Christian eschatology

Famous Christians


Some of the more well known Christians have included Paul the apostle, Augustine, Martin Luther and C.S. Lewis. Yet every person impacts on the world in some way. We may not remember who the man was that led Billy Graham to Christ, but he certainly has changed the world.

Testimonies of how we came to Christ (or perhaps how he came to us) can remind us that Christianity is about a personal relationship. It isn't ultimately about knowing things or doctrine. It's about knowing the person who can save you. See also Reflections and Daily Devotions.

Cults and other religions

The world is a mixing pot of religions. Some of the larger ones include Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. Other ones with origins linked to Christianity include Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses. What are the common threads? What are the differences? How is Christianity unique? Write about your own experiences with other religions or about your contact with people of different faiths.

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