Earth Quake and the Tsunami in Asia 2004

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We are deeply saddened by the Earth Quake and the Tsunami in Asia! The death toll appears to have exceeded 290,000 people in 12 countries from Malaysia to Somalia. What a horror it left to so many thousands of people who did not have the slightest clue of what is going to happen just a few days ago! Read more on this killer Tsunami Earth Quake and the Tsunami in Asia 2004

We are all moved by this tragedy, which might be one of the biggest ever tragedies of the world in the recent the past! Imagine the thousands of people that have lost their bread winner or other family members, thousands that lost everything that they had! If it happens to one of our own, how do we feel about it! As Christians, let us show that we care and that our hearts go out to those that have lost their loved ones!

As a responsible community, and as an expression of our solidarity with the earthquake and tsunami victims, let us all come together to help. For those of you that are working, let us donate a day's salary for the victims of the Tsunami and help console some souls! For those that are not working, please donate a minimum of $10.00 or more depending on your finances.

How should we donate?

We will not collect directly but will provide you with reliable organizations and information on how to contribute to them by posting their details here. You will contibute directly to the people who are involved in helping. Some of the places to donate: Here is a wiki organized list of sites accepting donations for the Indian Ocean Earth Quake and Tsunami

I would personally contribute one day of my salary to this cause and urge all of you to do the same. We believe that "If you cast your bread on the waters with good hope, it will one day return to you with butter on top of it!" Let us do something that will give hope to those that have lost everything!

Oh, God, help the people that are affected, comfort them and provide for them! May God bless the victims and their families! --Prab 10:46, 7 Sep 2005 (EDT) Founder,


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