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A woman prays to Buddha.

The world is a mixing pot of religions. A religion can be defined as a belief system about an unprovable spiritual being, or beings, or force. Christianity is the largest religion numerically. Some other numerically large religions include Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

There are many religions that have origins clearly linked to Christianity but are now distinct from mainstream Christianity. These include Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses. These religions related to Christianity are sometimes called Christian cults. The word cult can also be used to refer to religious groups that separate themselves from society and shun former members or children who do not adhere to their strict belief system.

Common threads and differences in religions

There are many common threads in different religions, with most teaching about self-sacrifice, discipline, generosity and love.

However there are many very significant differences with clear opposing claims between religions, one of the most striking being between those that teach about the existence of many gods, or polytheism, versus those that are monotheistic and teach about a single God only.

Religious tension

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