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The name of this page is insulting. "cults" should be considered separately from "other religions" that happen to be non-christian. unbelievable.

Why is it insulting? The page refers to both - "other religions" and also to "cults". It is not assuming that they are necessarily the same thing; it just seemed to make sense to group them together because other religions (such as Buddhism) as well as cults (such as the Closed Brethren), are both non-Christian belief systems. --Graham grove 15:09, 6 February 2007 (EST)
First, they are two totally different things. You don't see encyclopedia articles on "apples and oranges" do you? No, they are treated separately. And second, the article doesn't even have the word "cult" in it, let along describing or defining what a cult is. As it is now, it sounds as if cults and other religions are similar and related. That is wrong. Buddhism, Islam, Hindi, etc are not cults.
I agree that the name of this page is insulting to other Religions/Faith traditions. Graham grove, perhaps you don't see how grouping together two disparate topics may be insulting, but nevertheless the previous poster is right. You don't group two subjects together unless they are understood to share a commonality. The insinuation that the Christians on this webpage are so intolerant and uneducated as to dismiss other major world religions as cults should be troubling to you, and to all.
Fair enough. I will rename the page simply "Other Religions". I've also added some content. Hopefully this addressed the concerns raised. --Graham 02:57, 20 November 2008 (PST)