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Christian Television Channels Online

English Channels


  1. Watch TBN (real - modem)
  2. Watch TBN (real - broadband 100k)
  3. Watch TBN (real - broadband 300k)
  4. Watch TBN (real - broadband 500k)
  5. Watch TBN (wmp - broadbandTemplate:Citation needed 500k)
  6. Watch TBN
  7. TBN Trinity Broadcasting teaching/talk


The Church Channel

  1. Watch The Church Channel (wmp - broadband 100k)
  2. Watch The Church Channel (wmp - broadband 300k)
  3. Watch The Church Channel (wmp - modem)
  4. Watch The Church Channel
  5. The Church Channel preaching

COrner Stone TV

  1. Cornerstone TeleVision Satelitte teaching / dramas
  2. program schedule
  3. Watch CTN (dsl)
  4. Watch CTN (broadband)
  5. CTN Christian Television Tampa Bay, FL teaching/talk
  6. program schedule
  7. CTNi Christian Television International satellite tv


  1. Watch Daystar
  2. Daystar Television teaching/talk

Digital Bible Study

  1. Digital Bible Study Internet Only bible study / teaching

Friends Forever

  1. Watch Friends Forever
  2. Friends Forever TV Internet Only

God TV

  1. Watch God TV
  2. The God Channel Satelitte UK tv network
  3. Watch God TV US
  4. God TV US Satellite tv network
  5. Watch God's Learning Channel (broadband)
  6. Watch God's Learning Channel (modem)
  7. God's Learning Channel Satelitte teaching/preaching

Golden Eagle

  1. Watch Golden Eagle
  2. Golden Eagle Broadcasting teaching/talk


  1. skyguide

Good TV

  1. Watch Good TV
  2. Good TV Satelitte taiwanese tv

Gospel videos

  1. Watch Gospel Flava
  2. Gospel Flava TV Internet Only gospel videos
  3. Watch Gospel Music Television Network
  4. Gospel Music Television Satelitte southern gospel videos

His Channel

  1. Watch His Channel (broadband 700kbs)
  2. Watch His Channel (broadband 230kbs)
  3. His Channel Internet Only teaching/preaching

Hope TV

  1. Hope TV Satelitte teaching / preaching

Inspiration International

  1. INI Inspiration International Satelitte teaching/preaching

Inspired Faith TV

  1. Watch Inspired Faith TV
  2. Inspired Faith Broadcasting TV Internet Only messianic tv


  1. Watch JC-tv (wmp - broadband 200k)
  2. Watch JC-tv (wmp - broadband 400k)
  3. Watch JC-tv (wmp - modem)
  4. JC-tv music videos

CDM Internacional

  1. Watch CDM
  2. La Cadena Del Milagro Internacional spanish tv

  1. The World's Prayer Meeting Internet Only prayer

LLBN Loma Linda Broadcasting

  1. LLBN Loma Linda Broadcasting Satellite talk/lifestyle/heatlh


  1. Watch LoveWorld
  2. LoveWorld Christian Satellite african & european tv

Power Living

  1. Watch Power Living The Message NetworkInternet Only teaching/preaching

The Miracle Channel

  1. Watch The Miracle Channel
  2. The Miracle Channel Lethbridge, AB, Canada teaching/talk

MiracleNet TV

  1. MiracleNet TV Satelitte teaching/preaching

The Power Network

  1. Watch The Power Network
  2. The Power Internet Only teaching/preachingformerly Streaming Faith One

Music Videos

  1. Watch R Music TV
  2. R Music TV Satellite music videos
  3. Watch Revelation TV
  4. Revelation TV Satelitte uk tv
  5. Watch RIT (broadband)
  6. RIT Rede Internacional de Televis�o brazilian tv network
  7. program schedule

Secret Place Faith-Vision

  1. Secret Place Faith-Vision Internet Only teaching / preaching

Shepherds Chapel

  1. Watch Shepherds Chapel (real)
  2. Watch Shepherds Chapel (wmp)
  3. Shepherd's Chapel Satellite Satellite teaching

Shine TV

  1. Watch Shine TV (broadband)
  2. Watch Shine TV (dial-up)
  3. Shine TV Channel 99 Satelitte new zealand tv channel

Smile of A Child TV

  1. Watch Smile of A Child TV (broadband)
  2. Watch Smile of A Child TV (dialup)
  3. Smile of A Child TV children's tv
  4. program schedule | TV/Spirit TV.htm Watch Spirit Broadcasting
  5. The Spirit Broadcasting TV Internet Only teaching


  1. Watch Enlace (broadband)
  2. Watch Enlace
  3. TBN Enlace Satelitte spanish teaching/talk

TCT Network

Watch TCT Network

  1. TCT teaching

Tele Vida Abundante

  1. Watch Tele Vida Abundante
  2. Tele Vida Abundante Internet Only spanish tv
  3. Watch TV AtalaiaNet


  1. TV AtalaiaNet brazillian tv

TV Novo Tempo

  1. TV Novo Tempo south america

TV Nuevo Tiempo

  1. TV Nuevo Tiempo spanish tv network


  1. Watch TVU
  2. TV U Where Music Is Going rock/rap music videos
  3. 10 most wanted


  1. Watch UBN
  2. Unity Broadcasting Booneville, MS teaching


  1. Watch WACX
  2. WACX TV Superchannel 55 Orlando, FL teaching/talk


  1. Watch WETN TV
  2. Watch WETN TV
  3. WETN TV Wheaton College Television Wheaton, IL educational/music/information


  1. Watch WHT (dialup)
  2. World Harvest Television Satelitte teaching/talk/entertainment

The Worship Network

  1. Watch The Worship Network
  2. The Worship praise & worship videos

Three Angels Broadcasting

  1. 3ABN TV: Three Angels Broadcasting Satelitte teaching/talk show
  2. Watch 3ABN (real)
  3. Watch 3ABN (wmp)

Alkarma TV

  1. Alkarma TV

Australian Christian Channel

  1. Watch Australian Christian Channel

Arabic Christian TV

  1. Alkarma TV Satellite arabic christian tv

Latino Christian TV

  1. Watch 3ABN Latino (real)
  2. Watch 3ABN Latino (wmp)
  3. [ 3ABN Latino Satelitte spanish and portuguese tv

Testing another video embedding script

I just installed a new video extension that is far simpler than the previous one and works with multiple video formats such as youtube, google videos, dailymotion etc.

Here is an example of the code!

Youtube Original url:

Wiki code:

<videoflash>4lhyH5TsuPg</videoflash> or (with width and height):


[edit] GoogleVideo Original url:

Wiki code:

<videoflash type="googlevideo">1811233136844420765</videoflash> or (with width and height):

<videoflash type="googlevideo">1811233136844420765|200|150</videoflash>

Testing reference feature on Wikichristian

According to scientists, the Sun is pretty big.[1] The Moon, however, is not so big.[2]

Another test


  1. E. Miller, The Sun, (New York: Academic Press, 2005), 23-5.
  2. R. Smith, "Size of the Moon", Scientific American, 46 (April 1978): 44-6.

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Placing a YouTube video on WikiChristian is accomplished by using the {{YouTube Video}} template. There are two parameters needed to make this template work:

 {{YouTube Video |
    youtube = 123-abcdef |
    title   = My Christian Video |
  • youtube - the YouTube id number of the video
  • title - the title of the video you would like displayed above it.

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Testing topics template

Testing sound - media:amazing.ogg with Winamp 5.09 media player

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Getting rid of these from categories

It is quite difficult to get rid of the pages entitled something from the various categories, because for some reason they are redrected to http:/ - that is only one backslash instead of two. But, I've worked out a way of getting rid of them completely...

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Is there a way to get referencing to work as it does in Wikipedia?[1]

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