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I've been exploring several MediaWiki-based resources lately and am trying to help the community consolidate information so we're not doing a lot of redundant work with resources.

I keep shifting from one Christian wiki site to another, mainly in an effort to glean the best aspects of each site and discuss how we can centralize the content more effectively. As of July 2006, my method is generally:

  1. Wikipedia (user page) content-editing since it has the largest audience and potential for me to be a witness to the masses.
  2. Refine the mechanics of Christian wikis. I've hesitated to contribute much content yet since I'm still exploring which sites can do what. I've focused a lot on Wikible (user page) so far since Biblical studies is one of my main interests. Occasionally, I may add content to WikiChristian or other more specific Christian wikis if the material is not suitable for Wikipedia.

My personal website is When you can't find it on Google; boasts a gallery, hundreds of link resources, and a blog matching the wide variety of my interests, including a monthly Bible entry.


While I appreciated the openness of WikiChristian, the site software hasn't been updated in a while. Theopedia is based on a Reformed perspective, but as far as I'm concerned, this site is just as restrictive in its beliefs. I'm going to explore Theopedia a little more now since my efforts here in the past week haven't been very fruitful. --J. J. 13:53, 4 August 2006 (PDT)