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I was born in 1954 in a missionary family and at that time both my father and grandfather were serving the Lord. Thus I was brought up in a Christian environment and accepted the Lord when I was 5.

I became a backslider during school senior years due to the influence of the theory of evolution, but was restored to faith during college first year on reading the Bible and Modern Science by late Dr. Henry M. Morris.

My wife and I have a son and a daughter and both of them plus their mates are also committed Christians. Son is a missionary doctor (family physician) and works in an inaccessible region in India (the Himalayas). My wife is an active Christian and a dedicated writer.

I have served as Professor Physics and also the Principal of several theological seminaries. Now I am semi-retired and desire to spend the rest of my life in an active ministry of writing, mentoring, training, and apologetics.