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Thanks for getting this article started. It's very interesting. I reckon it would be good to have a little more information clarifying generally accepted definitions and classifications. I'm afraid I'm not very versed in the differences, but as I understand it, Plymouth Brethren is a term synonymous simply with Brethren and can include both the Open Brethren and the Exclusive Brethren - is that right? And what about the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church - is that a separate group or does that also come under the overall banner of Plymouth Brethren? Sorry about my ignorance. Also, regarding the exclusive brethren, to me, they have the feel of a sect rather than a mainstream Christian denomination. Please forgive me if I'm wrong about that - this is just my impression, not knowing a lot about these groups. Perhaps Dr Johnson or another expert in this area could clarify this a little? Kind regards, --Graham (talk) 15:42, 26 September 2015 (MDT)