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I grew up in an Atheist home and we never mentioned God or talked about Jesus or went to church ever. I was about 7 years old and I thought it would make me look cool on the playground to take God's name in vain. It gave me acceptance from my freinds, but I remember feeling horrible inside for some reason. I do not know why I felt bad for doing this, I just remember feeling very guilty for some reason. I recieved no input from my friends or family that this was a negative behavior. Soon after, my father had a heart attack. It scared me very much and I had many questions about where people go when they die. Philosophically speaking, I just knew with total conviction that there had to be a way to live forever, but I did not discover that until my father told us about Jesus as he was recovering in the hospital. Someone had given him a Bible, and while he was recovering he concluded that Jesus indeed was who Jesus claimed to be: the Son of God. Soon I became totally astounded at God's love for me personally, and God saved my father physically and spiritually. In a matter of two months, our whole family had accepted Jesus, and our lives changed for the better in every way. It has been an amazing journey ever since.

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