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Psalm 28 - Versions
Psalm 28 Text (WEB)
  1. To you, Yahweh, I call. My rock, don't be deaf to me; lest, if you are silent to me, I would become like those who go down into the pit.
  2. Hear the voice of my petitions, when I cry to you, when I lift up my hands toward your Most Holy Place.
  3. Don't draw me away with the wicked, with the workers of iniquity who speak peace with their neighbors, but mischief is in their hearts.
  4. Give them according to their work, and according to the wickedness of their doings. Give them according to the operation of their hands. Bring back on them what they deserve.
  5. Because they don't respect the works of Yahweh, nor the operation of his hands, he will break them down and not build them up.
  6. Blessed be Yahweh, because he has heard the voice of my petitions.
  7. Yahweh is my strength and my shield. My heart has trusted in him, and I am helped. Therefore my heart greatly rejoices. With my song I will thank him.
  8. Yahweh is their strength. He is a stronghold of salvation to his anointed.
  9. Save your people, and bless your inheritance. Be their shepherd also, and bear them up forever. A Psalm by David.
Psalm 28 Text (Hebrew)
  1. לדוד אליך יהוה אקרא צורי אל־תחרש ממני פן־תחשה ממני ונמשלתי עם־יורדי בור׃
  2. שמע קול תחנוני בשועי אליך בנשאי ידי אל־דביר קדשך׃
  3. אל־תמשכני עם־רשעים ועם־פעלי און דברי שלום עם־רעיהם ורעה בלבבם׃
  4. תן־להם כפעלם וכרע מעלליהם כמעשה ידיהם תן להם השב גמולם להם׃
  5. כי לא יבינו אל־פעלת יהוה ואל־מעשה ידיו יהרסם ולא יבנם׃
  6. ברוך יהוה כי־שמע קול תחנוני׃
  7. יהוה עזי ומגני בו בטח לבי ונעזרתי ויעלז לבי ומשירי אהודנו׃
  8. יהוה עז־למו ומעוז ישועות משיחו הוא׃
  9. הושיעה את־עמך וברך את־נחלתך ורעם ונשאם עד־העולם׃
Psalm 28 Text (Greek)
  1. του δαυιδ προς σε κυριε εκεκραξα ο θεος μου μη παρασιωπησης απ' εμου μηποτε παρασιωπησης απ' εμου και ομοιωθησομαι τοις καταβαινουσιν εις
  2. εισακουσον της φωνης της δεησεως μου εν τω δεεσθαι με προς σε εν τω με αιρειν χειρας μου προς ναον αγιον
  3. μη συνελκυσης μετα αμαρτωλων την ψυχην μου και μετα εργαζομενων αδικιαν μη συναπολεσης με των λαλουντων ειρηνην μετα των πλησιον αυτων κακα δε εν ταις καρδιαις
  4. δος αυτοις κατα τα εργα αυτων και κατα την πονηριαν των επιτηδευματων αυτων κατα τα εργα των χειρων αυτων δος αυτοις αποδος το ανταποδομα αυτων
  5. οτι ου συνηκαν εις τα εργα κυριου και εις τα εργα των χειρων αυτου καθελεις αυτους και ου μη οικοδομησεις
  6. ευλογητος κυριος οτι εισηκουσεν της φωνης της δεησεως
  7. κυριος βοηθος μου και υπερασπιστης μου επ' αυτω ηλπισεν η καρδια μου και εβοηθηθην και ανεθαλεν η σαρξ μου και εκ θεληματος μου εξομολογησομαι
  8. κυριος κραταιωμα του λαου αυτου και υπερασπιστης των σωτηριων του χριστου αυτου
  9. σωσον τον λαον σου και ευλογησον την κληρονομιαν σου και ποιμανον αυτους και επαρον αυτους εως του
Psalm 28 Text (Latin)
  1. Psalmus ipsi David. Ad te, Domine, clamabo ; Deus meus, ne sileas a me : nequando taceas a me, et assimilabor descendentibus in lacum.
  2. Exaudi, Domine, vocem deprecationis meæ, dum oro ad te, dum extollo manus meas ad templum sanctum tuum.
  3. Ne simul trahas me cum peccatoribus, et cum operantibus iniquitatem ne perdas me ; qui loquuntur pacem cum proximo suo, mala autem in cordibus eorum.
  4. Da illis secundum opera eorum, et secundum nequitiam adinventionum ipsorum. Secundum opera manuum eorum tribue illis, redde retributionem eorum ipsis.
  5. Quoniam non intellexerunt opera Domini et in opera manuum ejus ; destrues illos, et non ædificabis eos.
  6. Benedictus Dominus, quoniam exaudivit vocem deprecationis meæ.
  7. Dominus adjutor meus et protector meus ; in ipso speravit cor meum, et adjutus sum : et refloruit caro mea, et ex voluntate mea confitebor ei.
  8. Dominus fortitudo plebis suæ, et protector salvationum christi sui est.
  9. Salvum fac populum tuum, Domine, et benedic hæreditati tuæ ; et rege eos, et extolle illos usque in æternum.
Psalm 28 Text (KJV)
  1. Unto thee will I cry, O LORD my rock; be not silent to me: lest, if thou be silent to me, I become like them that go down into the pit.
  2. Hear the voice of my supplications, when I cry unto thee, when I lift up my hands toward thy holy oracle.
  3. Draw me not away with the wicked, and with the workers of iniquity, which speak peace to their neighbours, but mischief is in their hearts.
  4. Give them according to their deeds, and according to the wickedness of their endeavours: give them after the work of their hands; render to them their desert.
  5. Because they regard not the works of the LORD, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them, and not build them up.
  6. Blessed be the LORD, because he hath heard the voice of my supplications.
  7. The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.
  8. The LORD is their strength, and he is the saving strength of his anointed.
  9. Save thy people, and bless thine inheritance: feed them also, and lift them up for ever.
Psalm 28


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