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I am a Christian believer and a medical resident in Internal Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. I am also a technology enthusiast, having taught myself many of the softwares involved in web building. Having started successful websites like, to name a few, I realized that a wiki would be an ideal tool for people to work together on the internet to create and organize information.

While there are many wiki's for secular information, I felt a need a for a dedicated Christian wiki that will not only serve as a wiki community, but also a source for information and an encyclopedia on Christianity. In order to realize this, WikiChristian is started, along with friends with similar vision. WikiChristian hopes to build a free Christian Encyclopedia that represents the contemporary concepts in Christian Theology and Faith.

I declare that I do not have any commercial interest in this project and would keep the website not-for-profit. We may latter register it as a not for profit organization, as we grow. If you would like to share your views on improving this project, please drop me a line at my email id above or leave the message in the talk page here.

You can reach me at tumpati at hotmail dot com.

May God bless you all.

Prab R Tumpati, MD Founder of Residentscafe, Believerscafe, WikiMD and WikiChristian

Also see my user page at User:Prab and WikiChristian:About page.


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