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The New Perspective on Paul


The New Perspective on Paul refers to a recent discussion about Paul's theology on salvation that has developed among Protestant Christians. Protestants have traditionally believed that Paul argued against a legalistic Jewish culture that sought to earn salvation through works in his letters. Supporters of the New Perspective argue that Paul has been misread and contend that he was actually combating Jews who were boasting because they were God's people, the "elect" or the "chosen ones" and their "works", so to speak, were done to show they were God's covenant people and not to earn their salvation. According to the New Perspective on Paul, the result is a Judaism that affirmed sola gratia (grace alone). Presently the effects of the New Perspective are primarily seen in the academic world of New Testament scholars, however, future ramifications include directly affecting the Protestant doctrine of Justification by Faith (Sola Fide).

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