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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." - Helen Keller

Gerri Maynard
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Gerri Maynard is a Canadian Christian involved in writing ministry in Canada.

Gerri offers her communications and writing services as part of her support to Christian groups who wish to promote their web sites and need writing services for web content, promotional literature, brochures and flyers. She also assists individuals who are needing resume and cover letter support when seeking employment. Gerri is a member in good standing with The Word Guild.

Gerri Maynard is the moderator of "ChristianWritersCanada Newsletter".

Media Service

Gerri Maynard brings over fifteen years of experience to both the secular and Christian world as a marketing and communications professional. Her endeavours include providing marketing and branding strategies that have successfully promoted the growth of a myriad of both corporate and not-for-profit agencies and companies. Gerri has a vast wealth of experience related to: Annual reports, funding proposals, business plan development, Web content copy, Speaker's Notes, Press Releases, Media Advisories. She has used her research, authoring and editing services to support many national organizations such as The Toronto Elizabeth Fry Society, West Park Hospital, The Canadian Cancer Society, Inter-Varsity Canada. In the past four years, Gerri has collaborated as both a presenter and consultant to several agencies that work with newcomers to Canada. More recently she has edited three books written by Christian authors in Seattle, Washington and Christchurch, New Zealand. Gerri also sits in a volunteer capacity on the Toronto Council of the Special Olympics of Ontario providing marketing and communication support.

Gerri Maynard provides the following writing services:

  • Authoring Corporate Communication Pieces
  • Copy Writing and Copy Editing
  • Professional editing of manuscripts and articles
  • Funding proposals, Business Plans
  • Advertising pieces, Collateral materials
  • Resume writing services
  • Web Content


Gerri Maynard can be contacted via:[email protected]

To view some of Gerri's work, you can also visit:

Christian Testimony

Gerri Maynard became a Christian in 1976.

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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Helen Keller (Jan 07 2009)

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