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The [1] is an active christian facility on the World Wide Web. The sole purpose of this forum is to bring all sorts of christian topics and discussions into one site. There are various categories under which the topics can be posted. They include Biblical studies, general forum, entertainment, site showcase etc and even a friendly debate area.

The forum is currently moderated by Jeffin and some of the other members and runs on a slighty modified version of phpBB, a popular free and open source forum system.


ChristianForumSite (CFS) was started Jeffin Joseph, a business post-graduate at La Trobe University, on December 7, 2005. CFS was built out of interests in web designing and out of an urge to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. During the intial stages Jeffin had to send invitations to existing internet forum members, christian ministry owners and the members of christian webrings. The responce was quite encouraging. CFS is now commited to grow and improve constantly with the help of suggestions from its existing members. CFS also operates without ads or contributions.



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