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Celeste Zugec
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Celeste Zugec is a Canadian Christian involved in music ministry in Canada.

Celeste is a gospel singer who sang at Inspirational Music in the Park in Brampton, Ontario, Canada in 2006. Celeste’s vocal styles include traditional choir soprano, folk, rock, country, lounge and blues. She is a gospel recording artist and for 3 years sat on the Gospel Music Advisory Committee for the Canadian JUNO Awards.

Celeste also performs a variety of traditional and contemporary Celtic music as well as Folk/Bluegrass/Country and Gospel in her band called Claddagh.

Media Service

Celeste Zugec has ministered primarily in Ontario with some dates in Quebec and the U.S. including New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indianna and Tennesee. Celeste has released two CD’s "Not My Will" and "Driving Nails".

Celeste plays bodhran, congas and other fun percussion instruments with her church and with Claddagh a local Celtic band. She has produced and hosted a bi-weekly Christian program for cable television. In March of 2008, she also began hosting an eclectic radio show on a local station featuring music and interviews with Canadian independent artists.

Celeste began her 30 yr year career in communications & marketing in the corporate sector with a Toronto based fashion magazine and Capitol Records-EMI of Canada and then with non-profits like Yonge Street Mission; SCA International (Shantymen), Freedom Village, and now CCAA. She now owns and operates her own marketing company, Harmony Group Partners. She has been involved in prison ministry for 20 years, and has been a speaker/singer for Stonecroft Ministries since 1985. Her easy going presence and clear message is "well received, relating to many."


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Christian Testimony

Celeste Zugec became a Christian in 1980.

Through a 1980 appearance of Dan Peek (ex-America) on the 700 Club, and subsequent series on "prophesy" that Pat Robertson and Ben Kinchlow did, Celeste committed her life to a personal relationship with God. She had just left her job as Press and Publicity Manager for Capitol Records-EMI Canada, had lived through - an abusive marriage, the suicide death of her brother; alcohol and "drug abuse" and for nine years had been involved in the "white light" occult movement and was living with her now husband Chuck;. As an aspiring "medium and astrologer" Celeste says, "I never would have tuned in to one of those dreaded religious programs had I not seen Dan that day as he sang 'All Things Are Possible'".

Her training in public relations with a Toronto fashion magazine and Capitol Records prepared her to work with Christian missions like SCA International, Yonge Street Mission, where she helped create support material for the development & media departments as well as for field staff. She also began a speaking/singing ministry in Ontario prisons, and with Stonecroft Ministries/Christian Women's After 5, and Christian Business & Professional Women's clubs, traveling to cities in Canada and parts of the United States.

During the mid 1990's she traveled with Lonesome Dove, a country band that also played some gospel music. Unlike other lead singers that usually go backstage during intermission, I spent time getting to know the people around their tables. There are a lot of hurting people out there, and what they are really looking for is love the kind that only God can give. "I heard a lot of heartbreaking stories from moms that had lost their families because of their own addictions; men whose wives had left them for other men; still others who were so disappointed with, the church, (the place where everybody should have known their name) that they were sitting in a club, hoping for relationships like the ones idealized in the popular TV sitcom Cheers and the song, Where Everybody Knows Your Name.

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