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{{quote | text="Christianity began in a STABLE. It has been STABLE ever since!".- Charles Pedley}}
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Opinion articles written by Charles Pedley |
'''Charles Pedley''' is a [[:Category:Canadian Christians|Canadian Christian]] involved in [[:Category:New Media|new media]] and [[:Category:Writing|writing]] ministry in [[Canada]].
Charles is the creator and original owner of ChurchPower.com, and now a sales representative through his website http://www.church-software-store.com
Charles co-ordinates and teaches the Crown Financial courses at his church Faith Tabernacle in Welland.
He has numerous blogs and websites as noted below:<br>
My Experience http://www.charlespedley.com<br>
Financial & Computer Resources http://www.cpedley.com<br>
A True Love Story http://www.joyfulmourning.com<br>
Education http://www.schoolgenius.com<br>
Church Products http://www.church-software-store.com<br>
Tax-Free Products http://www.integrity-marketing.com<br>
High Speed Internet http://www.best-canadian-hispeed.com<br>
He is also the moderator of "[[NewMediaMinistry_Newsletter]]".
His personal blog right now is located at http://charlespedley.blogspot.com/ where you may wonder '''Why Me?''' or about '''The Impossibility of Atheism''' or ponder '''The Investor'''
==Media Service==
Charles Pedley provides quality church software, hardware and multimedia products to churches around the world as well as Microsoft & Kaspersky charity licenses. 
He has several blogs on different topics such as:
* Christmas - http://christmas-meaning.blogspot.com<br>
* Truth - http://pressing4truth.blogspot.com<br>
* Truth in Canada - http://canada4truth.blogspot.com<br>
* Humour - http://press4fun.blogspot.com/<br>
* Family Movies - http://great-family-movies.blogspot.com<br>
* Energy - http://windbag-energy.blogspot.com<br>
* Church Software - http://church-software-blogspot.com<br>
* Worship & Presentation Software - http://worship-photos.blogspot.com<br>
* Israel - http://peaceinjerusalem.blogspot.com<br>
* Computers - http://computerman-help.blogspot.com<br>
* TroubleShooting Computers - http://kill-that-computer.blogspot.com/<br>
* PowerPoint & Presentation Pointers - http://powerpoint-pointers.blogspot.com/<br>
* Home Business - http://home-business-yes.blogspot.com<br>
* Education - http://schoolgenius.blogspot.com<br>
I am sure I have missed a few.
Also I just wrote a book which is in the final editing phase which so far is called "Joyful Mourning: A True Love Story"<br>
The summary of it is at http://www.joyfulmourning.com from my point of view and from my daughter's at http://www.brokenclay.net
And in my spare time I ..... take photo trips with my wife Ellen, [43 years of marriage in 2008]
Charles Pedley can be contacted via:
* [mailto:chu[email protected] Charles Pedley's e-mail]
* [http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?id=665661799&v=feed&viewas=665661799 Charles Pedley's Facebook page]
* [mailto:[email protected] GoogleChat]
==Christian Testimony==
Charles Pedley became a [[Christian]] in [[:Category:1965|1965]]. A small time evangelist from Pennsylvania who played the saw with a violin bow, looked right at me and I was sure someone had told him about me. Someone had! But it was God. That was probably my first God-incidence as I recall. Others may be found at http://www.joyfulmourning.com
==Media Career Tips==
Charles Pedley recommends that you ask the Lord what he would like you to do and do it. Whatever He tells you is more important than what people tell you. However there is a principle of listening to a multitude of counsellors. So listen and actively seek from others what you believe God wants you to do and then see what the people who know you the best think. Then in the final analysis, go with God and you while considering seriously "what" counsellors told you. The best is when all of it fits.
In teaching, I noticed once that a certain student had a lot of humour and a very lucid way of explaining things and out of my mouth popped "David, you should be a reporter!" Worse things have popped out of that orifice. However years later his mom was visiting the school and asked me if I remembered the incident. It was vague but I remembered. She said, "David is a reporter out west!"
==How to Help Charles Pedley==
You can help Charles Pedley by sending cheques. (:-)>
But seriously folks, I am a budding writer who hopes that there is not an early frost. Any tips, advice, or directions you can provide me with would be most welcomed. [Skip "Give it up!" since that was already mentioned.]
Also send in your ideas and tips to the newsletter address so we can use your experience to help others. As I used to say to my students, "Why repeat the same mistakes others have already made?"
"So go out and make your own!"
==Worth Quoting from Charles Pedley==
Charles Pedley made the following significant quotations: [see the one above. it fits]
* "Lord, give me patience and FAST!" -Charles Pedley , date (January 3, 2009) (:-)
* I guess my favorite quotation that is original to me is the following:
"Christianity BEGAN in a STABLE and has been STABLE ever since!" About December 1995
==Accolades For Charles Pedley==
I like Lemonaid and Peach Iced Tea. I have actually never tasted "Accolades". What is it like?
Links from other sources about Charles Pedley's arts, music or media ministry see above under Media Service.
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