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David M.R.D. Spencer

I am a Christian based in Canada. You can read more about me here.

In the year 2000, I began working on a web site that we eventually set up as a wiki called Our site provided a history of Christians working and ministering in media in Canada. On December 20, 2008, I formed a partnership with Dr. Prab R Tumpati in USA and Dr. Graham L Grove in Australia. the Administrators of to help establish a Canadian presence here. We are in the process of moving much of the content of to You are invited to contact me here.

Thankful for these Christian Media Workers

I am thankful for the following people. They picked up portions of the network and are continuing the vision of connecting Christians working and ministering in media in Canada.

  1. Susan G. Acheson is now moderating the CanadianPerformingArtsMinistry Newsletter.
  2. Gerri Maynard is now moderating the ChristianWritersCanada Newsletter.
  3. Laurie Marks Vincent is now moderating the MusicMinistryCanada Newsletter.
  4. Beth Warden is now moderating CanadianChristiansinMedia and ChristianRadioCanada News.

My Contributions to WikiChristian

You can view a list of my contributions to WikiChristian here.