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"Lead people into a deeper understanding of how truly faithful our Heavenly Father is, through encouraging word and inspiring song. ".- Angie Reichenbach

Angie Reichenbach
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Angie Reichenbach is a Canadian Christian involved in music and television ministry in Canada. Angie is a Christian recording artist providing music rich with meaning and personal experience. Listeners will clearly hear in her music, as well as spoken testimony, her commitment to the Lord, her love for Him and her praise to His name for His unfailing faithfulness to her.

Angie began singing in church at the age of 5 at Saint Mark's Church in Mississauga. That first Sunday morning, Angie's mother recalls people asking her who the talented woman vocalist was, singing in the choir loft that Sunday morning. It was Angie.

Possessing a strong Lyric Soprano Voice, Angie has sung consistently since the age of five. She also studied piano, cello and flute and was accepted into the Music program at the University of Western Ontario in the Fall of 1986.

Completing her Music Degree in 1989, Angie travelled by sailboat for a time and then completed a BA in Education at The University of Toronto in 1993.

Musical Training

Angie has been a classroom and Music Teacher with the Etobicoke and Peel Boards of Education, enjoying teaching at the Elementary level. She is currently teaching Music at Mineola Public School. "I pray every day for the children, parents and staff at my school. I ask for angels to cover our building every day I am there. It is a ministry I take very seriously", says Angie.

Angie's classical training and University level accomplishments, make her an accomplished and professional vocalist - an excellent addition to any church event or service.

Media Service

Angie Reichenbach's mission is to lead people into a deeper understanding of how truly faithful our Heavenly Father is, through encouraging word and inspiring song.

Angie Reichenbach's music ministry is unique in that, it offers a variety of diverse music and speaking opportunities. Angie can offer a full evening concert, praise and worship only or a combination for your special event. Angie brings along her band "OBEY" or comes as a soloist using accompaniment tracks and playing solo piano.

Angie's extensive Classical background allows her the ability to easily work with your choir as a soloist for Christmas or Easter Oratorios and drama presentations. Her vision to share God's love through music allows for flexibility and sensitivity to your vision for your church event.

Angie and her team have also developed a unique weekend Retreat/Spa as a special Women's Ministry. The weekend entitled 'REST' is certainly that, as her team of facilitators, teachers, prayer warriors and musicians explore what the Bible and God have to say on the theme of Rest.

Women's Ministry: Angie has overcome deep hurts and a past filled with anger, pain and self-destructive actions. Her desire is to lead women into an understanding of how God heals the heart, the loving nature of our Father and His desire to see our souls restored.

Songwriter: Do you know how many wonderfully talented people there are in Mississauga and the GTA?? I want you to meet them through the songs they have given me to sing, and their stories I tell. Come join me at a concert or presentation and see what God is doing through songwriters!


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Christian Testimony

Angie Reichenbach became a Christian in 1998.

Angie Reichenbach's favourite Bible verse John 9:27-30 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father's hand. I and the Father are one."

I love this verse because it describes the faithfulness of God and Jesus' commitment to me. I can never be out of their hands. I see the image of God's hand, cupped on the bottom and Jesus' hand placed, cupped, on top; forming a perfectly sealed and safe space for me. I thank my pastor, Pastor Werner Peters, for this precious image he presented in a sermon years ago. It has been my primary image of God's love in my life.

Media Career Tips

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How to Help Angie Reichenbach

We are preparing to develop music for our second album. All power and help comes from God. Would you pray for us? For our new music choices, for a good studio to record in and for the funding for the project. Our goal is to share unknown Christian songwriters to you through this album so please pray for the songwriters too. That God's message will be glorified through their lyrics and people will be blessed through their music.

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