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I was born on December 18th 1969, which makes me 35 at the time of writing this. I was brought up going to the local Sunday school, and also joined the church choir and youth club in my teens. I was confirmed into the Church of England, but it wasn't until 1996, when I went to university for the first time and joined the Christian Union, that I became a Christian.

Since the college I was at was a Methodist college (Southlands College, part of Roehampton University, I joined a Methodist church (Raynes Park Methodist Church]), and when I subsequently moved back home from university I became a member of Trinity Methodist Church, Chelmsford. However, I subsequently left and am now at The Oasis Church, which is part of the newfrontiers group of churches.

I'm currently going out with a wonderful young lady by the name of Sarah. She's part of the Salvation Army in her home town of Barking, Essex, and pretty much every other week I join her there for the morning worship service.

I work as a database administrator for the local branch of NHS Direct. I love computers, but I don't really have the budget to afford much beyond anything rather basic (indeed, the computer I'm using at the moment is my flatmate's).

My particular interests in terms of things Christian include evangelism and apologetics. I think the internet is a wonderful tool for both of these. As my degree was in theology, I find that rather an interesting and fascinatingly diverse subject too. Also, in the past year or so I've been particularly challenged by God over the issue of personal holiness and what it means to be holy in the 21st century. Arising from that, I'm quite interested in Puritanism.