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There is significant disagreement among Christians as to the historical nature of some of the stories described in Genesis. For the purposes of this time-line, events after Abraham will be considered; for events prior to Abraham, see Historical understandings of Genesis; see also Timeline of church history and Chronology (EBD).

Overview of events

Estimated dates Events
1900-1700 BC Patriarchs
1700-1300 BC Slavery in Egypt
1300-1200 BC Exodus and conquest
1200-922 BC United kingdom of Israel
922-722 BC Divided kingdom; northern kingdom exiled in 722 BC
922-586 BC Divided kingdom; southern kingdom exiled in 587 BC
550 BC onwards Return to Israel of Jews

Detailed timeline

Old Testament Era

852 BC

Death of king Ahab of Israel

745 BC

Tigleth-Pileser III ascends to the Assyrian throne

735 BC

Syro-Ephraimite wars against Judah begin

732 BC

Syro-Ephraimite wars against Judah end

722 BC

Exile of Northern Kingdom of Israel

715 BC

Hezekiah becomes king of the southern Kingdom of Judah and reverses Ahaz's religious policies and places his trust in God

701 BC

Sennacharib (king of Assyria) invades the Kingdom of Judah taking Lachish and laying siege to Jerusalem

640 BC

Josiah comes to the throne of Kingdom of Judah

622 BC

Book of the Law found leading Josiah to repent and implement religious reforms, reaffirming the covenant with the people

612 BC

Nineveh (of Assyria) destroyed by Babylonian armies (Nahum 3:19)

609 BC

Death of Josiah
Assyrian army finally wiped out by Babylon

605 BC

Battle of Carchemish with Egyptian retreat to Egypt after being defeated by Babylonians

597 BC

Babylonians defeat armies of Jehoiachin, king of Judah resulting in the "first" exile

587 BC

"Second" exile of Jews from Kingdom of Judah to Babylonia

562 BC

Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, dies

539 BC

Babylonian Empire ends
Decree to allow return of exiles from Babylon

538 BC

Sheshbazzar leads exiles back to Jerusalem

536 BC

Temple begins to be rebuilt in Jerusalem, but people face opposition and stop

520 BC

Haggai calls on the people to continue rebuilding the Temple

516 BC

Temple completed

Inter-Testamental Era

333 BC

Conquest of much of the Middle East by Alexander the Great

168 BC

Maccabean Revolt

63 BC

Pompey-Roman occupation

New Testament Era - see also Timeline of church history

Around 4-6 BC

Birth of Jesus

27 AD

Jesus begins his ministry in Galilee, Samaria and Judea

30 AD

Death of Jesus by crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus 3 days later

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