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May I add Kathpedia to the Wikilist? We are a German catholic wiki. --Benedikt 00:15, 17 July 2008 (PDT)

Of course you may. Good luck with it. --Graham grove 00:19, 17 July 2008 (PDT)
Thx. I thought it would be polite to ask before since it is my first edit on this wiki. --Benedikt 11:32, 17 July 2008 (PDT)

Strength in numbers

WikiChristian slowly continues to grow which is wonderful, as do some other wikis. In the past various people have talked about how to bring about growth in Christian wikis and how to combine them without any resolutions or effective strategies. I wanted to open up the discussion again. As a side note, I notice that Theopedia and OrthodoxWiki are doing really well these days in terms of numbers and articles - so well done to the guys over there! One of the strengths of theopedia and orthodoxwiki are that they are designed for a very specific sub-section of Christianity - Reformed (i.e. Calvinist Protestantism) and Eastern Orthodox. But this is also a one of their weaknesses - they are less open to discussion and allowing views of other Christians to be voiced. Regardless, well done Theopedia and OrthodoxWiki - may God continue to bless your good work. But for those not part of the theopedia or OrthodoxWiki teams this discussion about Christian wikis should stay very much in our focus. Basically I have a few questions that I reckon deserve some consideration and comments over the coming months. Of course, if we really consider Christian wikis important in documenting knowledge about God and what he has communicated and is communicating to the world, then we should also pray about these things...

  • Is there a way that the various Christian wikis could combine into one? I know division has been a major feature of Christianity for 2,000 years and so I guess it's asking a lot. Should we even pursue a course of trying to get Christian wikis to combine? There are obvious advantages but what are the disadvantages? If we were to pursue combining then should this be done on a one-by-one basis and how is this done in a way that is respectful?
  • Are there ways of attracting more visitors to WikiChristian in the hope that people will begin to contribute more?
  • Are there ways of inviting people specifically to help work on WikiChristian? Friends? Advertising? How?
  • Are there other Christian wikis out there that we don't know about that are talking about how they can bring about growth?
  • How do we encourage contributions with people adding actual content (and not just copying content from elsewhere) rather than just neatening up the wiki? (I'm all for neatening up the wiki and I think it is great the cleaning up that has been happening. I'm also all for getting more and more original content and depth of knowledge and insight into the wiki)

Thanks. Look forward to comments - hopefully a few people comment over the following months. --Graham 02:51, 18 October 2008 (PDT)

I've recently added Google Adword for I think the kinds of people who would use these wiki once they're very good are legion, but the people who want to edit and work on them is much smaller. --Aquatiki 04:26, 18 October 2008 (PDT)
Pity. Still wikipedia seems to draw in a lot of people who edit and work on articles. How does Google Adwords work? Does it cost money? --Graham 06:12, 18 October 2008 (PDT)
5 USD up front. Then you set a monthly budget (suggested min. 50 USD) and they limit your placement so as to shoot below that. You pick keywords for pages and searches and track how many are displayed and/or clicked on. This is a Starter Account, which forces you to pick one country to display in.
As for Wikipedia, as the Christian point-of-view become more and more marginalized, perhaps Christians will begin looking for something better... --Aquatiki 17:26, 18 October 2008 (PDT)
Well all I'm from a new bible wiki of sort, BibleFootnotes. And I'd like to add a couple thoughts here about combining our efforts. I've been following the biblewiki world for a while seeing the difficulty and division that has been there. Perhaps one way that we can all work together is to each find different areas that we can focus on so that we're not all doing the same thing. Several wikis seem to be bible commentary. We think we might have made some progress in how to make a collaborative commentary a little more usable and would love for all of you to check it out and give us your feedback. We think some of the reason that bible commentary wikis haven't caught on is that they're too difficult to use. We've tried to do a little something different. If you like what you see, each of these Christian wikis could start specializing into different projects. Thoughts?:::

God bless you. In my humble opinion, public domain or CC (only attribution) allows more solidarity since the texts can be used anywhere. For example I cannot copy the texts of WikiChristian, ReformedWord, OrthodoxWiki, CreationWiki neiter Conservapedia in --just beginning. However I could copy and I would prefer to contribute with Theopedia (public domain). You also could use the translation to spanish of the gospels in the public domain (I'm working on that and I pray to God for direction and His help): Vladimir Támara. 07:56 COT Jan 3 2009
I don't understand. First you say PD and CC are good and then you say WikiChristian,Reformed Word, Orthodox Wiki aren't great, when they are GFDL and CC (SA-A) respectively. Which is it? Do you mean only PD is good? You can copy stuff as long you footnote it. --Aquatiki 05:13, 4 January 2009 (PST)

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