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LifeMusic Wiki

The LifeMusic Logo

LifeMusic Wiki is a Wikia wiki on Christian music. It was founded on August 23, 2009 by Robert Pierce.


LifeMusic Wiki was founded on August 23, 2009 by Robert Pierce as an alternate option to the other Christian Music Wiki, hardly active at the time.

The wiki's first logo, uploaded on October 9, 2009, was based on the album artwork for hip hop artist TobyMac's third studio album Portable Sounds.

The next logo, based on DC*B's Remedy was uploaded on March 6, 2010.

The wiki passed 2,500 articles on March 26, 2010.

Mission Statement

The sole purpose of LifeMusic Wiki is to spread the Gospel around the world via Christian music. Our goal is to have the most comprehensive collection of Christian music-related articles on the web. In the future, we hope to have wikis in every language possible in order to reach all the world. This is our mission and God bless! ~


The current staff for the wiki is:

Master FredceriqueLmw.png

Master Fredcerique is the founder of the wiki. He founded this wiki as an alternate to the Christian Music Wiki. He created much of the vast multitude of pages on the wiki and now is expanding the stubs. His favorite artist is TobyMac Lmw.png followed by Skillet Lmw.png, Kutless Lmw.png, Trans Siberian Orchestra Lmw.png, RED Lmw.png, Thousand Foot Krutch Lmw.png, Owl City Lmw.png, Newsboys Lmw.png, Casting Crowns Lmw.png, and David Crowder Band Lmw.png.

Darth StabroLmw.png

Darth Stabro mainly works in templates, the skin css and js, uploading files, publicity and improving the layout of the wiki.


ReallyFree was the first user to join Master Fredcerique and this wiki. He works more on content pages (albums, singles, and artists), and less on templates, talk pages, images, etc.

Construction WorkerLmw.png

Construction Worker edits on articles involving Tree63 a lot because they are his favorite Christian band. When editing, he also likes to focus on smaller articles and improving stubs. He also works on templates.


Kathleen.wright5 works with the files and media of this site. She also adds categories and organizes articles.


Pages: 6,669
Articles: 3,434
Active users: 5
Files: 589
Edits: 18,796


Note to users: The wiki is currently operating in safe mode. Editing is limited to users with certain privileges in order to deal with spam. You can create a new user account, and confirm your email ID in order to obtain ability to edit pages. Learn how to be an editor or sysop at WikiChristian.

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