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A song by Matt Redman. Also sung from Hillsong and by Michael W. Smith

D                A7sus
When the music fades 

    A7               Em7     
And all is stripped away,

              A7sus     A7
And I simply come

D                A7sus
Longing just to bring 

A7                   Em7
Something that's of worth,

                     A7sus    A7
That will bless your heart


Em7             D/F#         A7sus     
I'll bring you more than a song,

       A7           Em7
For a song in itself

            D/F#         A7sus   A7    Em7
Is not what You have required

                D/F#      A7sus
You search much deeper within

            A7             Em7
Through the way things appear

               D/F#     A7sus    A7
You're looking into my heart


D                      A7sus      A7 
I'm coming back to the heart of worship

And it's all about you

      G        A7sus   A7  D
It’s all about You     Jesus

D                      A7sus       A7 
I'm sorry Lord for the thing I've made it

When it's all about you

     G        A7sus  A7   D
It’s all about You   Jesus

D               A7sus 
King of endless worth, 

A7                 Em7
No one could express

              A7sus    A7
How much You deserve

D                   A7sus 
Though I'm weak and poor,

A7               Em7
All I have is Yours

              A7sus     A7
Every single breath	

Pre-Chorus, Chorus)

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