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Welcome to WikiChristian. I hope you enjoy reading WikiChristian and sharing your insights with us. A few tips:

  • You can "sign" your contributions by typing four tildes "~~~~" at the end.
  • Please do all your experiments in the sandbox.
  • Be bold with your editing. If you add information that really belongs on some other page of this wiki (or on some other wiki entirely), or you accidentally delete some crucial stuff, it's fairly easy for anyone to fix it. Please feel free to revert or otherwise fix-up any of my edits that turn out to be erroneous and/or misguided.
  • We are all volunteers here.

If you need help, check out the Wikichristian:Tutorial, post your question to the Wikichristian:Village pump, or ask me on my talk page. --DavidCary 07:23, 20 April 2007 (EST)


You have been blocked from editing for a duration of 1 day due to the following violation(s) that you have commited: vandalism involving personal attacks. To contest this block, you may email the blocking administrator or any administrator from this list. Please be sure to include your username (if you have one) and IP address in your email. If you can, you may also leave a message on your talk page requesting an unblock. Please refrain from making any more harmful contributions to WikiChristian, or you may be blocked indefinitely. Thank you.

P.B. Pilhet / Talk 08:02, 18 April 2007 (EST)