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Sarah Kariuki
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Sarah Kariuki is a Canadian Christian involved in acting, dance, film, music, new media, news, publishing, radio, television, theatre, visual arts and writing ministry in Canada.

This paragraph describes Sarah Kariuki's arts, music or media ministry.

Media Service

Sarah Kariuki is a singer/songwriter of Contemporary Gospel music with a distinctly African flavour. She writes and sings songs in Swahili and English.

Her vision is to be an inspiration and touch lives through music in a way that will create change and promote godliness.

"I committed my life to Jesus Christ at the age of 16. He has remained the Lord and Saviour of my life. I thank God for being faithful to sustain me on my Christian walk with him. And, my part is to remain faithful to him too."

"My songwriting comes naturally from texts that I may have read from the Bible, my testimony or day-to-day life encounters. I started writing songs when I was in grade 5. I always feel that I don’t have to sit on my gift but use it for God’s glory. "


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Christian Testimony

Sarah Kariuki became a Christian in year.

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