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Marie Warder
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Marie Warder is a Canadian Christian involved in publishing, visual arts and writing ministry in Canada.

Marie Warder has published 24 novels and three non-fiction bookson the subject  Hemochromatosis.

During her collegiate career, Marie earned a Certificate in Journalism. She is a published author who spoke on the subject of Hemochromatosis at the World Health Association Meeting in Israel in 1993. She  recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the International BioIron Conference in Vancouver, Canada, 20 years after being awarded the Canadian Volunteer Medal of Honor and Certificate of Honor.

Media Service

Before immigrating to Canada in the late 1970s, Marie Warder, writer of the best-seller 'The Bronze Killer' was listed by a South African Book Club as one of South Africa's top seven favourite novelists. One of the National Council of Women's 'Notable Women of Johannesburg,' Marie Warder was also one of the country's most prolific writers. Many of her novels have been used in South African schools and been chosen as Books of the Month. In 2003, she began her successful Christian series of novels, distributed through Dromedaris Books, creating characters so popular her readers called for more.

She was awarded a Medal of Honour in Canada for her groundbreaking 'The Bronze Killer', a reference work on Hemochromatosis, a disorder that affected her husband. Including in it her shorter, previously written work, 'Iron… the other side of the story!' the book became the first publication devoted entirely to the world's most common genetic disorder, and is still very much in demand after nearly 20 years. [1]Founder and President Emerita of both the Canadian and South African Hemochromatosis Societies, as well as the founder and long-time president of the International Association, she is also the founder of Windsor House Academy, a prestigious private South African school. She now lives in Delta where she was, for many years, a lay chaplain. She has been a leader of Healing Missions to South Africa'. to the Diamond Fields and elsewhere. A Member of the International Order of St. Luke the Physician, she has been a contributor to the OSL newsletter, as well as her local Parish Magazine. At her church, she is a lay administrator, a member of the Prayer Team, and involved in 'Inner Healing Prayer Ministry.


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Worth Quoting from Marie Warder

"I Don’t Believe in Luck: Wishing is Such a Futile Exercise! ... It's like trying to phone somebody who doesn't have a telephone. Now praying is another thing altogether. It works! "Seek and ye shall find...ask and ye shall receive..." That, indeed, is another thing. Rather than "lucky," I prefer to say "blessed."

"In my vocabulary there are no such words as "luck" or "coincidence." I have lived long enough now not to believe in either. Nor do I believe in "ships passing in the night." I think that makes God too small. I believe that God is bigger than mere chance and I believe that we meet, and things happen, by Divine Intervention. I agree that sometimes people one meets only briefly, inexplicably come along again some day, even if just in our memories and in certain circumstances, and then become part of our lives."

"Have you ever held a butterfly and noticed how some of its color comes off in your hands? I’m sure you have. But, just think, you don’t even have to hold it…even if it were just to fly too close to you …even only brush your sleeve in passing… some of its ‘butterfly dust’, would have been left behind, on you. In the same way, something of you has already rubbed off on me, and you’ll go away from here, carrying away something of me." -Marie Warder as quoted in

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