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* [http://www.vozandes.org/ Vozandes.org web site]
* [http://www.vozandes.org/ Vozandes.org web site]
* [ blog]
* [http://www.sntandrews.org/missions/global/kinzel/ Len & Beth Kinzel | HCJB World Radio]
* [ Facebook]
* [ MySpace]
==Christian Testimony==
==Christian Testimony==

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"A significant quote made by Len Kinzel goes here".- Len Kinzel

Len Kinzel
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  • Opinion articles written by Len Kinzel

Len Kinzel is a Canadian Christian involved in radio ministry in Canada.

This paragraph describes Len Kinzel's arts, music or media ministry.

Media Service

Len Kinzel is a Canadian Christian ministering in Quito, Ecuador. He was the former News Director for HCJB World Radio. HCJB World Radio, the world’s first missionary broadcasting ministry which also has developed an international medical outreach, officially changed its name to HCJB Global on January 1, 2007. English was one of the first two languages, along with Spanish, to air when the station began broadcasting in Quito on Christmas Day, 1931.

Today Len Kinzel is the Senior Pastor and Teaching Elder of English Fellowship Church. His radio broadcasting habit of scripting his material carries over into his Sunday homilies. Sermon scripts are available to Ecuadorians who attend worship services, with a Sunday school in specialized English offered as well.


Len Kinzel can be contacted via:

Christian Testimony

Len Kinzel became a Christian in year.

Media Career Tips

Len Kinzel recommends that

How to Help Len Kinzel

You can help Len Kinzel by

Worth Quoting from Len Kinzel

Len Kinzel made the following significant quotations:

  • "quote goes here" -Len Kinzel , date (Month Day 2009)

Accolades For Len Kinzel



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