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"A significant quote made by Jamie Penner goes here".- Jamie Penner

Jamie Penner
  • Opinion articles written by Jamie Penner

Jamie Penner is a Canadian Christian involved in new media ministry in Canada.

Media Service

Jamie Penner runs V3 Mediaworks. He is involved in the development, hosting and maintenance of his Church's new website as well as the website of our Church's teaching and education department <http://www.ildc.ca>.

V3 Mediaworks is owned and operated by Jamie Penner. His background in the computer industry dates back to 1983 and he began his foray into the world of electronic mail and communications shortly thereafter. In 1990, he developed software to act as a gateway between Internet Newsgroups and much smaller BBS networks. In 1994, Jamie began his work on establishing himself as one of the starters in the Nanaimo Internet industry. His initial pioneering work led to one of the first uses of a server running Linux to have multiple IP addresses on a single network adapter. As well, he developed one of the first web based email management applications which are so widely in use today. Using these skills and new products, he founded Nisa Online Systems and later went on to be the first Nanaimo based ISP to offer full ISDN, 56K, and analog dialup services. Jamie then moved on in 2002 to establish V3 Mediaworks.

He also assists in the maintenance of his Church's computers and network.


Jamie Penner can be contacted via:

Christian Testimony

Jamie Penner became a Christian in year.

Media Career Tips

Jamie Penner recommends that

How to Help Jamie Penner

You can help Jamie Penner by

Worth Quoting from Jamie Penner

Jamie Penner made the following significant quotations:

  • "quote goes here" -Jamie Penner , date (Month Day 2009)

Accolades For Jamie Penner



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