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Website: WikiChristian

WikiChristian is free encyclopedia and discussion forum of Biblical Christianity that anyone can contribute to. It was started in May 2004 and now contains 4,106 articles and 9,157 users, 24 of them being administrators.

Vision and Policies of WikiChristian

WikiChristian is both an encyclopedia and a wiki community. WikiChristian is set up with the belief that every Christian, regardless of age, race, education, and gender has something of value to offer! With time we hope to see it become a useful reference on any topic related to Christianity. Its policy is that believers or non-believers can write articles. These articles do not need to be neutral point of view (personal opinions can be voiced), as long as the author of the article makes it clear what his or her background is. As a practical line in the sand, see our Page Layout and Writing Guide and Statement of Faith pages.

WikiChristian also intends to be a reference point for factual information, original text, Bible versions, Bible dictionaries, song lyrics and personal testimonies of Christians. We intend to create a wiki community of Christians from around the globe that can voice their views, share their ideas and help others understand Christianity and its principles! Simply - WikiChristian wants to represent, document and link everything related to Christianity!

Who started WikiChristian?

WikiChristian was started by two Christian Believers who happen to be medical doctors by profession, Dr. Prab R Tumpati in USA and Dr. Graham L Grove in Australia. While the secular world has so many wiki projects going on, we felt a need for a wiki forum for all Christians so that we can share what we believe, who Jesus Christ is and how God loves this world. Their own philosophies about WikiChristian can be found in the following links

Questions and Answers

What Commercial Interest Do you have?
We have absolutely no commercial interest what so ever.
What is your mission?
Our mission is to provide a Christian encyclopedia and be a wiki based forum for all Christian writings, serve as a repository for all Christian Classic works expanding the usefulness of the content by wiki internlinking the key words, provide a contemporary free Bible Dictionary created by users and last but not least build an open source Wiki Amplified Translation of the Bible.



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