Story of Gebre, a Me'en evangelist (November 2006)

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A few months ago, Gebre, a Me'en evangelist, was on his way to the unreached southern area of Me'en territory, in Ethiopia. Late on the fourth day, three armed men suddenly emerged from the tall grass and roughly confronted Gebre with "Are you are believer?"

"Yes," said Gebre. "What do you want with me?"

"We want to believe," they replied. "We heard a rumour that someone would come along this trail who would tell us about a god who had power over evil spirits. We've been waiting for the past three days and no one has passed here before you. Are you the person we are waiting for?"

"It seems I must be," Gebre told them. "Sit down and I'll tell you about our God and how you can know Him."

"No! Not here," said the three, grabbing Gebre by the arm. "You have to come with us."

"Where are we going?" Gebre hesitated, uncertain what these three wild looking men really had in mind for him.

"You'll see when you get there."

After an hour of pushing and tramping through the high grass, they arrived at a clearing and a small village. The wives and kids and assorted relatives were called together. The leader of the three announced to the gathered villagers, "He's come."

And then turning to Gebre he commanded, "Now, tell us about your god and how we can know him."

None of these people had ever heard the gospel. Not one of theme knew anything about Jesus Christ before that day. By sundown, fifteen of these villager, including the three men who had accosted Gebre on the trail, had made decisions to believe in this God who could deliver them from fear and given them eternal life. Within a month another 150 of these low-land Me'en had trusted Christ Jesus for salvation. Last week 83 of them were baptized.


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