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Song of Songs 8 - Versions
Song of Songs 8 Text (WEB)
  1. Oh that you were like my brother, who nursed from the breasts of my mother! If I found you outside, I would kiss you; yes, and no one would despise me.
  2. I would lead you, bringing you into my mother's house, who would instruct me. I would have you drink spiced wine, of the juice of my pomegranate.
  3. His left hand would be under my head. His right hand would embrace me.
  4. I adjure you, daughters of Jerusalem, that you not stir up, nor awaken love, until it so desires. Friends
  5. Who is this who comes up from the wilderness, leaning on her beloved? Under the apple tree I aroused you. There your mother conceived you. There she was in labor and bore you.
  6. Set me as a seal on your heart, as a seal on your arm; for love is strong as death. Jealousy is as cruel as Sheol. Its flashes are flashes of fire, a very flame of Yahweh.
  7. Many waters can't quench love, neither can floods drown it. If a man would give all the wealth of his house for love, he would be utterly scorned. Friends
  8. We have a little sister. She has no breasts. What shall we do for our sister in the day when she is to be spoken for?
  9. If she is a wall, we will build on her a turret of silver. if she is a door, we will enclose her with boards of cedar. Beloved
  10. I am a wall, and my breasts like towers, then I was in his eyes like one who found peace.
  11. Solomon had a vineyard at Baal Hamon. He leased out the vineyard to keepers. Each was to bring a thousand shekels of silver for its fruit.
  12. My own vineyard is before me. The thousand are for you, Solomon; two hundred for those who tend its fruit. Lover
  13. You who dwell in the gardens, with friends in attendance, let me hear your voice! Beloved
  14. Come away, my beloved! Be like a gazelle or a young stag on the mountains of spices!
Song of Songs 8 Text (Hebrew)
  1. מי יתנך כאח לי יונק שדי אמי אמצאך בחוץ אשקך גם לא־יבוזו לי׃
  2. אנהגך אביאך אל־בית אמי תלמדני אשקך מיין הרקח מעסיס רמני׃
  3. שמאלו תחת ראשי וימינו תחבקני׃
  4. השבעתי אתכם בנות ירושלם מה־תעירו ומה־תעררו את־האהבה עד שתחפץ׃ ס
  5. מי זאת עלה מן־המדבר מתרפקת על־דודה תחת התפוח עוררתיך שמה חבלתך אמך שמה חבלה ילדתך׃
  6. שימני כחותם על־לבך כחותם על־זרועך כי־עזה כמות אהבה קשה כשאול קנאה רשפיה רשפי אש שלהבתיה׃
  7. מים רבים לא יוכלו לכבות את־האהבה ונהרות לא ישטפוה אם־יתן איש את־כל־הון ביתו באהבה בוז יבוזו לו׃ ס
  8. אחות לנו קטנה ושדים אין לה מה־נעשה לאחתנו ביום שידבר־בה׃
  9. אם־חומה היא נבנה עליה טירת כסף ואם־דלת היא נצור עליה לוח ארז׃
  10. אני חומה ושדי כמגדלות אז הייתי בעיניו כמוצאת שלום׃ ף
  11. כרם היה לשלמה בבעל המון נתן את־הכרם לנטרים איש יבא בפריו אלף כסף׃
  12. כרמי שלי לפני האלף לך שלמה ומאתים לנטרים את־פריו׃
  13. היושבת בגנים חברים מקשיבים לקולך השמיעיני׃
  14. ברח דודי ודמה־לך לצבי או לעפר האילים על הרי בשמים׃
Song of Songs 8 Text (Greek)
  1. τις δωη σε αδελφιδον μου θηλαζοντα μαστους μητρος μου ευρουσα σε εξω φιλησω σε και γε ουκ εξουδενωσουσιν
  2. παραλημψομαι σε εισαξω σε εις οικον μητρος μου και εις ταμιειον της συλλαβουσης με ποτιω σε απο οινου του μυρεψικου απο ναματος ροων
  3. ευωνυμος αυτου υπο την κεφαλην μου και η δεξια αυτου περιλημψεται
  4. ωρκισα υμας θυγατερες ιερουσαλημ εν ταις δυναμεσιν και εν ταις ισχυσεσιν του αγρου τι εγειρητε και τι εξεγειρητε την αγαπην εως αν
  5. τις αυτη η αναβαινουσα λελευκανθισμενη επιστηριζομενη επι τον αδελφιδον αυτης υπο μηλον εξηγειρα σε εκει ωδινησεν σε η μητηρ σου εκει ωδινησεν σε η τεκουσα
  6. θες με ως σφραγιδα επι την καρδιαν σου ως σφραγιδα επι τον βραχιονα σου οτι κραταια ως θανατος αγαπη σκληρος ως αδης ζηλος περιπτερα αυτης περιπτερα πυρος φλογες
  7. υδωρ πολυ ου δυνησεται σβεσαι την αγαπην και ποταμοι ου συγκλυσουσιν αυτην εαν δω ανηρ τον παντα βιον αυτου εν τη αγαπη εξουδενωσει εξουδενωσουσιν
  8. αδελφη ημιν μικρα και μαστους ουκ εχει τι ποιησωμεν τη αδελφη ημων εν ημερα η εαν λαληθη εν
  9. ει τειχος εστιν οικοδομησωμεν επ' αυτην επαλξεις αργυρας και ει θυρα εστιν διαγραψωμεν επ' αυτην σανιδα
  10. εγω τειχος και μαστοι μου ως πυργοι εγω ημην εν οφθαλμοις αυτου ως ευρισκουσα
  11. αμπελων εγενηθη τω σαλωμων εν βεελαμων εδωκεν τον αμπελωνα αυτου τοις τηρουσιν ανηρ οισει εν καρπω αυτου χιλιους
  12. αμπελων μου εμος ενωπιον μου οι χιλιοι σοι σαλωμων και οι διακοσιοι τοις τηρουσι τον καρπον
  13. ο καθημενος εν κηποις εταιροι προσεχοντες τη φωνη σου ακουτισον
  14. φυγε αδελφιδε μου και ομοιωθητι τη δορκαδι η τω νεβρω των ελαφων επι ορη
Song of Songs 8 Text (Latin)
  1. Quis mihi det te fratrem meum, sugentem ubera matris meæ, ut inveniam te foris, et deosculer te, et jam me nemo despiciat ?
  2. Apprehendam te, et ducam in domum matris meæ : ibi me docebis, et dabo tibi poculum ex vino condito, et mustum malorum granatorum meorum.
  3. Læva ejus sub capite meo, et dextera illius amplexabitur me.
  4. SPONSUS. Adjuro vos, filiæ Jerusalem, ne suscitetis, neque evigilare faciatis dilectam, donec ipsa velit.
  5. CHORUS. Quæ est ista quæ ascendit de deserto, deliciis affluens, innixa super dilectum suum ? SPONSUS. Sub arbore malo suscitavi te ; ibi corrupta est mater tua, ibi violata est genitrix tua.
  6. SPONSA. Pone me ut signaculum super cor tuum, ut signaculum super brachium tuum, quia fortis est ut mors dilectio, dura sicut infernus æmulatio : lampades ejus lampades ignis atque flammarum.
  7. Aquæ multæ non potuerunt extinguere caritatem, nec flumina obruent illam. Si dederit homo omnem substantiam domus suæ pro dilectione, quasi nihil despiciet eam.
  8. CHORUS FRATRUM. Soror nostra parva, et ubera non habet ; quid faciemus sorori nostræ in die quando alloquenda est ?
  9. Si murus est, ædificemus super eum propugnacula argentea ; si ostium est, compingamus illud tabulis cedrinis.
  10. SPONSA. Ego murus, et ubera mea sicut turris, ex quo facta sum coram eo, quasi pacem reperiens.
  11. CHORUS FRATRUM. Vinea fuit pacifico in ea quæ habet populos : tradidit eam custodibus ; vir affert pro fructu ejus mille argenteos.
  12. SPONSA. Vinea mea coram me est. Mille tui pacifici, et ducenti his qui custodiunt fructus ejus.
  13. SPONSUS. Quæ habitas in hortis, amici auscultant ; fac me audire vocem tuam.
  14. SPONSA. Fuge, dilecte mi, et assimilare capreæ, hinnuloque cervorum super montes aromatum.
Song of Songs 8 Text (KJV)
  1. O that thou wert as my brother, that sucked the breasts of my mother! when I should find thee without, I would kiss thee; yea, I should not be despised.
  2. I would lead thee, and bring thee into my mother's house, who would instruct me: I would cause thee to drink of spiced wine of the juice of my pomegranate.
  3. His left hand should be under my head, and his right hand should embrace me.
  4. I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, that ye stir not up, nor awake my love, until he please.
  5. Who is this that cometh up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved? I raised thee up under the apple tree: there thy mother brought thee forth: there she brought thee forth that bare thee.
  6. Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame.
  7. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it: if a man would give all the substance of his house for love, it would utterly be contemned.
  8. We have a little sister, and she hath no breasts: what shall we do for our sister in the day when she shall be spoken for?
  9. If she be a wall, we will build upon her a palace of silver: and if she be a door, we will inclose her with boards of cedar.
  10. I am a wall, and my breasts like towers: then was I in his eyes as one that found favour.
  11. Solomon had a vineyard at Baal-hamon; he let out the vineyard unto keepers; every one for the fruit thereof was to bring a thousand pieces of silver.
  12. My vineyard, which is mine, is before me: thou, O Solomon, must have a thousand, and those that keep the fruit thereof two hundred.
  13. Thou that dwellest in the gardens, the companions hearken to thy voice: cause me to hear it.
  14. Make haste, my beloved, and be thou like to a roe or to a young hart upon the mountains of spices.
Song of Songs 8


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