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Demonatratives in Koine Greek
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A demonstrative is a noun or adjective that points to a specific noun. In English the following words are demonstratives: that, this, those, these.


Demonstratives can function as either pronouns or adjectives. When functioning as an attributive adjective, a demonstrative will take the predicative position. It may also function substantively. For example, `ουτοι may mean "these men".

Demonstrative as a Pronoun

An example of a demonstrative acting as a pronoun is: "that is a green tree"

Demonstrative as an Adjective

An example of a demonstrative acting as an adjective is: "that tree is green"


The word for this is `ουτος (Mas, Nom, Sing form)

The word for that is εκεινος (Mas, Nom, Sing form)

This - `ουτος

A demonstrative must match its noun in gender and number. The demonstrative declines as follows:

Masculine, Singular

  • `ουτος (Nom)
  • τουτου (Gen)
  • τουτω (Dat)
  • τουτον (Acc)

Masculine, Plural

  • `ουτοι
  • τουτων
  • τουτοις
  • τουτους

Feminine, Singular

  • `αυτη
  • ταυτης
  • ταυτη
  • ταυτην

Feminine, Plural

  • `αυται
  • τουτων
  • ταυταις
  • ταυτας

Neuter, Singular

  • τουτο
  • τουτου
  • τουτω
  • τουτο

Neuter, Plural

  • ταυτα
  • τουτων
  • τουοις
  • ταυτα

That - εκεινος



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