A Mighty Stronghold is our God (song)

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A Mighty Fortress is Our God by Martin Luther


"A Mighty Stronghold is Our God" (also called "A Mighty Fortress is Our God") is a well-known hymn by Martin Luther. It has been translated from German into more than 70 languages. An alternate English version by Thomas Carlyle begins "A safe stronghold our God is still."


A mighty stronghold is our God
A sure defence and weapon
He'll help us out of every need
Whatever now may happen
The ancient evil fiend
Has deadly ill in mind
Great power and craft are his
His armour gruesome is
On earth is not his equal

With our own strength is nothing done
Soon we are lost, dejected
But for us fights the rightful Man
Whom God himself elected
You ask, "Who may this be?"
Christ Jesus is he
The Lord Sabaoth's Son
Our God, and he alone
Shall hold the field victorious

And though the world were full of fiends
All lurking to devour us
We tremble not nor fear their bands
They shall not overpower us
The prince of this world's ill
May scowl upon us still
He cannot do us harm
To judgement he has come
One word can swiftly fell him

The Word they must allow to stand
For this they win no merit
Upon the field, so near at hand
He gives to us his Spirit
And though they take our life
Goods, honour, child and wife
Though we must let all go
They will not profit so
To us remains the Kingdom


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